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Heaven’s Recognition of Marketplace Leaders

Heaven's recognition of marketplace leaders


Heaven’s Recognition of Marketplace Leaders

The radar of heaven is beginning to “ping” upon the five-fold ministers to be sent into the marketplace. You have been in the shadows long enough; it is time to come out of the cave. Many of you have been in “covert” operations, but the time of your revealing is at hand.

A great release is coming of heavenly recognition resulting in a visible increase of authority for five-fold ministers sent into the marketplace.

Marketplace pulpits and five-fold ministers are coming alive with the thundering voice from heaven releasing and activating the transformational fruits of revival and awakening.

I see a divine merging coming between those who feel called to the marketplace (secular) and those who feel called to serve within the ecclesia (church). This divine merging will release a greater level of authority and bring about a next level thrust of city transformations which many have been crying out for.

The catalyst that will initiate the merging will be honor!

Honor will come through the repentance (changed way of thinking) of five-fold ministry leaders that have led the ecclesia (church). Many leaders have held to the wrong idea that those called to the marketplace were simply called to fund the growth of the ecclesia (church). Therefore, there was a distrust and wound created in the hearts of the marketplace leaders because they only felt valued in the area of giving. They felt their calling as five-fold ministers weren’t valued or recognized. As a result of this lack of honor rooted in a lack of understanding, we have hindered the reward of the gifted five-fold marketplace ministers.

When you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, you will receive a prophet’s reward.

This principle is the same for the five-fold ministers called to the marketplace. We (kingdom-minded people) have not received the reward that they (five-fold marketplace ministers) carry in their callings because we have only valued the monetary reward they bring. As we begin to see them as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists divinely sent into the marketplace, we will begin to see the Kingdom of God increase and manifest in the marketplace.

A marked transformation will take place in our cities equal to the level of honor and commissioning we release to these marketplace men and women of God. It is time we align with heaven to release, recognize, and honor the marketplace, five-fold ministers as the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists that they are.

I, Mike, have a sense many leaders and churches are being called into a “Divine Shift.” God, is mobilizing people into regional mandates and a different way of thinking. If this is describing you and you would like to talk with Mike and Andrea about speaking please feel free to connect with us at our Invite Us page.

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Mike and Andrea Brewer are first and foremost, mom and dad and husband and wife. After that, they are the founding apostolic leaders of Reach International Ministries, a missional organization that has founded two orphanages, a medical facility, and two church-planting movements that have totaled over 2,000 new churches. While they continue to travel coaching, speaking, training and leading international mission teams, they are senior leaders at The Well, a church plant in Maryville, TN. Mike and Andrea are available to speak and minister to your group or church. Please contact us for scheduling.

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